The Business of Regenerative Medicine: Entrepreneurship one stem cell at a time

Event Details


Are you on the path to developing a regenerative medicine product or starting a company? Could you be? Or more importantly, should you be?

There are steps researchers need to take to move discoveries and innovation from the bench to the bedside. From ideas to success, entrepreneurs will need to tackle intellectual property, scientific and clinical validation, financing, business plans, regulatory approvals and building and developing the team.

We invite all PIs, research/scientific associates, and aspiring entrepreneurs to join us to learn about commercialization of regenerative medicine products and to hear from successful entrepreneurs, VCs, and subject matter experts.

Program Summary:

• Introductory talks on the path and process for commercialization of regenerative medicine technologies.

• Panel discussion with established companies commercializing regenerative medicine products.

• Networking hour with companies, entrepreneurs and VCs in the space.

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