Investment Banking in Life Sciences: Panel Discussion

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Have you ever wondered how biotech startups get their funding or how they identify monetization strategies for their products?  This panel discussion event will focus on the role of investment banks and venture capital groups in getting scientific research funded and out to the public. The speakers will discuss how investment banks identify promising scientific advances, evaluate strategies, and harness the power of capital to bring ideas to life. We will hear from life sciences graduates who have successfully made a transition into the world of investment banking and are now changing the face of biotech business in Canada.


  • Introduce students and early career professionals to the roles investment banks and venture capital firms play for the biotechnology industry
  • Identify key qualifications for candidates interested in transitioning into the investment banking and venture capital industry careers
  • Provide information on how a scientific project is evaluated based on the investment banking criteria


Dr. Evelyn Pau: Vice President, Investment Banking and Recruiting Lead at Bloom Burton
Dr. Bharat Srinivasa, Principal at Amplitude Ventures
Dr. Suman Rao, Associate at Lumira Ventures
Paras Sharma, Associate at Genesys Capital

12pm-1pm PST