Essential Skills Fundamentals


  • Approximate time: 12-15 hours
  • Online

Get the BioReady™ Edge today with essential skills training specifically designed for the Canadian bio-economy


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Successful workplaces require talent with strong essential skills. Knowing how to apply these skills in the bio-economy can create even stronger teams for organizational success.

Note: Strong technical skills are equally important and, as such, technical training programs are also available.

Essential skills provide:

  • foundational knowledge for learning higher-order concepts and technical and occupation-specific skills,
  • expertise that can be tailored for different jobs throughout a career, and
  • support to make it easier to adapt to change.

BioTalent Canada’s Essential Skills Fundamentals Training Program offers professional development to new talent and enhances an employer’s onboarding program. They are Canadian built and available in English and French. Receive a BioReady™ certificate upon completion.

The training program includes an introduction and seven self-paced online courses that:

  • introduce each essential skills and demonstrate their importance in the bio-economy,
  • present strategies to help develop the skills,
  • provide opportunities for practice, and
  • give learners an opportunity to track their progress through a pre- and post-assessment of each course.


Bio-economy Fundamentals

Everyone brings something different to their role. But there are certain fundamentals one needs to possess to participate, adapt, and thrive in the bio-economy workplace. This course is an introduction to the bio-economy and what today’s employers have identified as essential skills for success.

Reading Fundamentals

This course will teach you to put into practice key terms such as skimming and scanning, identifies essential reading skills, and reviews important reading strategies.

Writing Fundamentals

This course shows you how to put into practice important writing skills such as preparation, plain writing, formatting, writing for the job, editing, and revising.

Numeracy Fundamentals

This course guides you through metric numbering and conversions, using and converting fractions and percentages, simple equations, and calculating concentrations and dilutions.

Document Use Fundamentals

This course teaches you to review and put into practice common documents one might encounter frequently on the job such as lists, tables, entry forms, charts, graphs, and flowcharts.

Communication Fundamentals

This course delves into what communications skills are important in the bio-economy workplace, assesses your strengths and weaknesses, and helps build on your existing skill sets.

Collaboration Fundamentals

This course discusses the importance of collaboration in today’s bio-economy, examines your current strengths and opportunities for improvement, and hones those skills to help you become the ultimate teammate.

Problem-Solving Fundamentals

This course explains why they’re important in the bio-economy, identifies your existing strengths and areas for improvement, and bolsters your proficiencies.


Please contact Joanne Jordan to learn more about how to access these courses.


Please note, if you access BioTalent Canada’s training programs through your post-secondary institution or employer, your post-secondary institution or employer may have access to your progress, results, and course-specific information, for the purpose of tracking participation, course completions, and feedback surveys.


Funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Adult Learning, Literacy and Essential Skills Program.