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Science Horizons - Wage Subsidies

The 2017-2019 Science Horizons Youth Internship Program is now accepting applicants.

Program description

The Science Horizons Youth Internship Program is a wage subsidy initiative to help recent graduates in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) acquire work experience in STEM positions with an environmental focus. The program provides up to a maximum of $15,000 in wage subsidies to help employers hire the talent they need and help recent STEM graduates gain skills to secure full-time employment in environmental STEM fields.

The Science Horizons Youth Internship Program gives employers the freedom to:

  • Gain access to funds to hire scientific and technical staff with less financial risk
  • Grow their business
  • Access a pool of workers eager to utilize their skills
  • Develop new talent within their company

Is your company eligible?

  • Eligible applicants: Employers with employment opportunities in environmental STEM fields
  • Eligible participants: Recent college or university graduate in STEM fields of study

Prospective eligible employers must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Provide an internship position in a STEM field;
  • Provide an internship with a required duration between 6-12 months;
  • Establish and maintain a process for supervising and mentoring an intern; and,
  • Contribute as at least 50% of the total cost of each internship.

Eligible employers under the Science Horizons program include:

  • Individuals;
  • For-profit organizations (small- or medium-sized enterprises, corporations, or industry associations);
  • Provincial and territorial, municipal and local governments including institutions, agencies and Crown Corporations;
  • Post-secondary institutions; and,
  • Organization, including but not limited to non-government organizations, including non-profit organizations, Aboriginal organizations, including band councils/tribal councils and local organizations.

For details on participants’ eligibility criteria, please visit the participant information page.

Positions that could qualify

STEM positions in green manufacturing, carbon and climate change mitigation, energy efficiency and green building, green services, renewable/green energy, solar and wind technology, resource conservation, watershed and water resource management, environmental protection, waste management, alternative/sustainable transportation, sustainable planning/urban design, green retail, and eco-tourism.

Terms and conditions


  1. The company must enter into a Placement Contract with BioTalent Canada before the participant’s employment starts;
  2. The company must provide a full-time work opportunity (at least 30 hours per week) for a minimum of 6 months;
  3. The company must provide a minimum of $1 for each $1 of wage subsidy (to a maximum subsidy amount of $15,000);
  4. The company must not recruit and retain friends or family members as participants to the Science Horizons Youth Internship Program; 
  5. The company must reference the participant information page to inform potential participants what their involvement in the Science Horizons Youth Internship Program will entail;
  6. The company must provide proof of employment, start date, contract with participant, full wage and benefits of participant to BioTalent Canada upon request;
  7. The company must provide information about the placement to BioTalent Canada as required;
  8. The company must develop a Formal Learning Plan with the participant, before the start of the placement; and
  9. The company must provide BioTalent Canada with monthly financial claims and progress reports.

Participant placements:

  1. Cannot be for existing employees of the employer;
  2. The company must enter into a Placement Contract with BioTalent Canada before the participant’s employment starts.

Employer application process

  1. Ensure your organization meets all terms and conditions stated above;
  2. Complete an Employer Application Form (included in the application package below) and submit it along with a brief company description, and intended participant’s position description to one of the options on the form;
  3. Have candidate complete the 2018-2019 Participant Information Form (PIF);
  4. If you already have a participant in mind, please include the participant information form, participant’s resume and a copy of the participant’s degree/diploma or certificate, if available. (if submitting electronically, please do not include the participant’s date of birth and Social Insurance Number);
  5. If you need to fill a position, you can post your job opening on BioTalent Canada's PetriDishTM job board.
  6. The application process from submission to approval takes an average of 5-10 business days;
  7. For information regarding criteria for eligible jobseekers, please visit the participant information page

Download your Employer Application Package

Uncertain if you qualify? Don’t count yourself out.
Contact Mary at 1-866-243-2472, ext. 222 or mcarr@biotalent.ca or Colleen at ext. 221 or chayes@biotalent.ca.


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