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Bio-economy Skills Profiles

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Building a solid HR plan from a foundation of recognized skills information makes implementation quick and efficient. Bio-economy Skills Profiles help make this happen.


  • Develop job descriptions
  • Performance evaluations
  • Write interview questions
  • Create recruitment plans
  • Identify areas for professional development
  • Create succession plans

'Bio-economy Skills Profiles' report cover


  • Comprehensive skills information
  • Diverse set of occupations
  • Quick reference summary checklists

Product Description

The Bio-economy Skills Profiles, developed in partnership with industry, summarize the high-level skills required for each occupational profile and itemize in detail the common tasks associated with the functions. Each Bio-economy Skills Profiles includes an Occupational Description, Situation Analysis, Essential skills, Language Benchmarks and specific skills that may be required to work within that occupation which is then broken down into tasks and sub-tasks. Because the profiles are comprehensive, not every skill may be required for a single position: instead, the profiles present the full sets of skills that could be expected of a person in a given role within companies of various stages of development.

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