Our Team

At BioTalent Canada, we believe that the most valuable resource a company can have is its people. Managed by a visionary board of directors, BioTalent Canada staff are engaged, client focused experts who are dedicated to creating and providing innovative HR-centric solutions, tools and services that contribute to the growth of Canada’s bio-economy. For a list of BioTalent Canada board of directors click here.

Rob Henderson
President and CEO

Jennifer Ash
Outreach and Business Development Representative
(613) 235-1402 ext. 221
jash at biotalent.ca

Mary Carr
Project Coordinator
(613) 235-1402 ext. 222
mcarr at biotalent.ca

Eli Duern
Marketing Coordinator
(613) 235-1402 ext. 225
eduern at biotalent.ca

Pamela Gray
Director of Project Development

(613) 235-1402 ext. 232  
pgray at biotalent.ca

Fiorella Jansen-Nicorescu
Marketing and Communications Manager
(613) 235-1402 ext. 229
fnicorescu at biotalent.ca