HR Microscope March 2013

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Volume I, Issue IX, March 2013

In Focus

In today’s economy, knowledge is truly the key to success. In a fast moving job market such as the bio-economy, both employers and job seekers need up to date information to position themselves for success.

Taking the time to develop and follow an HR strategy will increase productivity in any company, large or small. It can save time, money and resources. Employers need to know how to pick the right people to begin with, and ensure that they nurture their team.

Employees need a strategy as well to develop their skills such as traditional manufacturing employees using a learning portal to help “assess and map” their existing skills into the bio-economy.

Entering into regulated professions in Canada with foreign credentials can present a number of challenges. It takes information and understanding to orient immigrants towards jobs which make use of their skills, creating a win-win situation for them and for Canada’s bio-economy.

Nurture your team's talent - How Gemin X pushed its business to the next level

For any business or organization, success depends on the people you have working for you. But Human Resources (HR) rarely seems like an urgent problem. Like growing a garden, it requires regular attention over the long term.

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What’s better than one Career Coach?

How about the professional guidance of an entire industry?
The Canadian Manufacturing Network has figured out a way to coach hundreds of people at one time through their ground-breaking “Skills and Learning Portal.”

CMN Portal screenshot

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Skilled job seekers are closer than you think!

More than fifteen percent of immigrants to Canada this year will be Internationally Educated Professionals. That's around 56,000 people with valuable transferable skills. What is being done to help guide this talent to filling gaps in the bio-economy?

ACCC presentation screenshot

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