New Co-op Job-Posting Service for Canadian Biotechnology Industry Launched at Conclusion of National Biotechnology Week

OTTAWA, November 6, 2015 – BioTalent Canada, a national non-profit organization serving the human resource needs of Canada’s bio-economy, today launched a new service where universities, employers and students can post and access co-op jobs.

The new service is integrated into The PetriDishTM, Canada’s only national biotechnology job board.  Organizations will be able to post co-op jobs nationally, exposing them to thousands of students and biotechnology job-seekers that are already registered on the site. At $100 per co-op job-posting, the service will cost 50% less than regular jobs.

BioTalent Canada and its PetriDish are increasingly of significant importance in connecting employers and job seekers in the biotechnology sector. In the past two years, BioTalent Canada helped, 90 biotech companies hire more than 1,000 job seekers. The PetriDish is the recruitment vehicle of choice for top-hiring companies like BioTalent Canada’s “Showcase Employers:” Therapure Biopharma of Mississauga, Charles River Laboratories of Montreal, Synaptive Medical of Toronto, New β Innovations Canada of Burnaby and Guelph Vision Therapy Center of Guelph.

“The PetriDish  has already established itself as the national market place where biotech employers and job-seekers meet,” said Rob Henderson, President and CEO of BioTalent Canada.  “Demand has been high to enhance our offering with a new co-op job-posting service, and we’re pleased to offer that new opportunity, and launch it during National Biotechnology Week,” he said.

This past week, BioTalent Canada also launched its latest labour market report, Moving Beyond the Boundaries: Connecting and Advancing Women in Biotechnology, at three special events in Charlottetown, Toronto and Vancouver.  The report is the latest addition to the labour market research conducted by the organization in its mission to ensure biotech employers can access the most skilled talent available.

In its labour market report for new biotechnology graduates: Opening The Door, released earlier this year, BioTalent Canada examined the demographics, educational backgrounds, and gender and wage disparities encountered by new graduates entering the biotechnology market.

“Our research indicates that the small- and medium-sized employers in the bio-economy need help to get their new hires industry-ready,” said Rob Henderson.  “This new co-op posting service will allow them to seek and find the young people they are looking for to grow their businesses,” he said.




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