Here's What Our Partners Are Saying…

“BioTalent Canada's objectives very much align with Mississauga’s goals to support and grow the Bio-economy. Rob Henderson has been the driving force since joining BioTalent Canada and has lead the organization to meet the industry needs extremely well.”

– Bonnie Brown, Manager, Sector Development & Economic Partnerships, City of Mississauga


“At Guelph Vision Therapy Center, we didn’t have to choose between investing in HR and technology. Thanks to BioTalent Canada’s wage subsidy program, we were able to hire more vision therapists and free up capital to invest in revolutionary technology to help our vision therapy patients.”

– Patrick Quaid, Optometrist, PhD, Owner and CEO, Guelph Vision Therapy Center


“We are interested in access to BioReady candidates who are ready to work in the field.”

– Maia Jones, HR/Facilities Director, Synaptive Medical


“BioTalent Canada provides resources that can be quite useful for our members. We post their business services on our website like flight discounts and the Compensation Guide, and I'm happy that we have those options there.”

– Elizabeth Sun, Manager, Membership & Sponsorship, LifeSciences BC


“Through BioTalent Canada, we stay abreast of the needs of the entire country's bio ecosystem from an HR perspective."

 – Meaghan Seagrave, Executive Director, BioNB


“BioTalent Canada is one of our key partners with whom we can share significant information when it comes to human resources issues.  They keep us aware of the latest developments and trends through studies, projects, events, and pertinent conferences.  The entire staff is always helpful in keeping us up to date with relevant information.”

– Anie Perrault, General Manager, BIOQuébec


“Rob has built a great team that is very responsive to partners’ needs.”

– Tracey Maconachie, President, Life Science Association of Manitoba (LSAM)


“BioTalent Canada has been exceptional with connecting Industry Associations on the current national issues and program solutions related to HR.”

 – Nicola McFarlane, Manager- Memberships and Partnerships, BioAlberta


“When I think of BioTalent Canada, I think of an organization I can tap into that gives me a national perspective.”

 – Vivian Beer, HR Manager, PEIBioAlliance


“We are very happy with our partnership with BioTalent Canada as they bring valuable information and programs to accelerate the development of the sector. Always helpful and ready to support us.”

– Scott Moffitt, Managing Director, BioNova


“We value the coordination of information and the liaisons that BioTalent Canada provides within the industry. We need a country-wide lead association like BioTalent Canada.”

– Wilf Keller, President & CEO, Ag-West Bio