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Bio-economy specific tools, training, and labour market research make career planning and development easy.  

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Job hunting? You could qualify for wage subsidies! Provide biotech employers an incentive to hire you and gain valuable work experience and skills.
Career Focus Green Jobs is a wage subsidy program for employment opportunities that have a green mandate or any job with an employer that has an environmental focus. The program provides up to a maximum of $13,500 in wage subsidies to help employers hire the talent they need and help recent graduates initiate a career.
Do you have the skills to work in Canada’s bio-economy?  Have your experience recognized and stand out above the rest! Let employers know you’re BioReady™!
The 2017-2018 BioReady™ Paid Internship Program is now accepting applicants. Program description  Who is eligible? How to apply?
The Opportunities Fund wage subsidy program aims to alleviate the low employment of persons with disabilities in biotech by introducing a wage subsidy to off-set the start-up costs of orientation, integration and skills development.
Gain practical biotech experience and develop new skills. Find your co-op job on The PetriDish, the #1 bio-economy job board. Sign up today for job alerts and see which employers are hiring now.
Do you work in biotechnology or life sciences? Would a better understanding of these sectors help you in your job? These interactive online courses are for you!
Do you work in biotech as a non-scientist?If yes, this course is for you.
Transfer your skills. Open the door to a whole world of career possibilities.
Optimize your professional talent to land your dream biotech job. Build an online resumé that gets you noticed.
Visualize the road ahead and map your career. Decide where you want to go in the bio-economy.
Get a sneak peek into bio-economy careers. Find out what industry professionals love about their job and how they got there.
Meet and exceed employer’s expectations.Tailor your resumé, prepare for an interview and plan your professional development according to a comprehensive list of what the industry wants.
Get a glimpse of key skills required in many popular bio-economy occupations.
Integrate biotechnology into Grade 7 to 12 curriculum. Identify opportunities for teachers, resource developers and curriculum developers to develop units, lesson plans and learning resources.
Opening the Door II Building Careers for New Graduates in Biotechnology
Paving the Way Facilitating Career Paths for Newcomers in the Canadian Bio-economy
Moving Beyond the Boundaries Connecting and Advancing Women in Biotechnology
Opening the door to building careers for new grads in Biotechnology
Talent Opportunities Bringing Newcomers to Canada’s Bio-economy
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