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Career Focus Green Jobs

The 2017 – 2019 Career Focus Green Jobs Program is now accepting applicants.

Career Focus Green Jobs is a wage subsidy program for employment opportunities that have a green mandate or any job with an employer that has an environmental focus. The program provides up to a maximum of $13,500 in wage subsidies to help employers hire the talent they need and help recent graduates initiate a career.

The Career Focus Green Jobs wage subsidy program gives employers the freedom to:

  • Meet their staffing needs with less financial risk
  • Grow their business
  • Access a pool of workers eager to utilize their skills
  • Develop new talent within their companies

Long track record of success

BioTalent Canada has a long track record of successful implementation of federal wage-subsidy programs, helping new talent gain employment in biotech and assisting companies in offsetting the costs of hiring.

Since 2005, BioTalent Canada has helped over 400 new biotechnology graduates find a job in the bio-economy through Career Focus, another wage subsidy program geared toward new graduates.

Ask yourself, what could your company achieve with a $13,500 wage subsidy?

Program description

For many small and medium-sized companies, the decision to hire a new or recent graduate is a tough one. Adding a talented, willing to-learn member to the team builds capacity and can accelerate the achievement of business goals. But the cost of a new salary – and of integrating an inexperienced worker into the company – is often an obstacle.

The Career Focus Green Jobs wage subsidy program helps knock down that cost barrier by, covering the cost of a new graduate’s salary by 50% to a maximum of $13,500/year. Employers can bring on an eager, educated young worker for a special project – and at the end of the placement end up with a skilled candidate already oriented to their company.

Is your company eligible?

To qualify as a green job either the job needs to have a green mandate or the employer needs to have an environmental focus.

Green jobs are employment opportunities that meet the following criteria:

  • Help reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials;
  • Limit greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Minimize waste and pollution;
  • Protect and restore ecosystems. 

Green jobs can also include employment opportunities in:

  • Non-profit environmental organizations;
  • Solar and wind technology companies;
  • Environmental science centers;
  • Watershed and water resource agencies;
  • Farms and farming co-ops;
  • Conservation organizations;
  • Museums and educational institutions;
  • Waste management companies;
  • Information technology companies.

Examples of positions that could qualify

To qualify as a green job either the job needs to have a green mandate or the employer needs to have an environmental focus. For example:

  • Finance Coordinator at a solar energy company
  • Systems Administrator for an environmental management software at a manufacturing company
  • Program Assistant for an electronic waste program at an IT device manufacturer
  • Research Scientist at a biofuels company



Job Title

Job Area

Job has a Green Mandate

Employer has an Environmental Focus


Solar Energy Company

Finance Coordinator





Food Processing Company

Systems Administrator, Environmental management software





IT Device Manufacturer

Program Assistant, Electronic Waste Program

Project Management




Biofuels Company

Research Scientist




Uncertain if your job qualifies? Don’t count yourself out.
Contact Mary at 1-866-243-2472, ext. 222 or or Colleen at ext. 221 or

Terms and conditions


  1. The company must enter into a Placement Contract with BioTalent Canada before the participant’s employment starts;
  2. The company must provide a full-time work opportunity (at least 30 hours per week) for a minimum of 6 months;
  3. The company must provide a minimum of $1 for each $1 of wage subsidy (to a maximum subsidy amount of $13,500);
  4. It is recommended that the company register as an employer on BioTalent Canada’s, online job board specific to the Canadian bio-economy, The PetriDishTM;
  5. The company must not recruit and retain friends or family members as participants to the Career Focus Green Jobs wage subsidy program; 
  6. The company must reference the participant information web page to inform potential participants what their involvement in the Career Focus Green Jobs wage subsidy program will entail;
  7. The company must provide proof of employment, start date, contract with participant, full wage and benefits of participant to BioTalent Canada upon request;
  8. The company must provide information about the placement to BioTalent Canada as required;
  9. The company must develop a Formal Learning Plan with the participant, before the start of the placement; and
  10. The company must provide BioTalent Canada with monthly financial claims and progress reports.

Participant placements:

  1. Cannot be for existing employees of the employer;
  2. The company must enter into a Placement Contract with BioTalent Canada before the participant’s employment starts.

Employer application process

  1. Ensure your organization meets all terms and conditions stated above;
  2. Complete an Employer Application Form (included in the application package below) and submit it along with a brief company description, and intended participant’s position description to one of the options on the form;
  3. Have candidate complete the 2016-2017 Participant Information Form (PIF);
  4. If you already have a participant in mind, please include the participant information form, participant’s resume and a copy of the participant’s degree/diploma or certificate, if available. (if submitting electronically, please do not include the participant’s date of birth and Social Insurance Number);
  5. If you need to fill a position, you can post your job opening on BioTalent Canada's PetriDishTM job board.
  6. The application process from submission to approval takes an average of 5-10 business days;
  7. For information regarding criteria for eligible jobseekers, please visit the participant information web page

Download your Employer Application Package


  1. A formal learning plan must be submitted before the placement begins but does not have to be submitted with the initial application.
  2. If you do not already have a new graduate in mind, you may also browse The PetriDishTM for qualified candidates.
  3. If your application is accepted into the Career Focus Green Jobs wage subsidy program, and a match with a participant is made, BioTalent Canada will draft a “Placement Contribution Agreement” to be signed by both the employer and BioTalent Canada. You must also agree to provide all required documentation and reporting as required by the program.
  4. If, for any reason, a participant leaves the employment of the employer, the employer must immediately provide BioTalent Canada with a written notice regarding the termination/withdrawal and reimburse BioTalent Canada the amount collected in wage subsidies if program participation was less than 6 months.
  5. BioTalent Canada assumes no legal responsibility towards applicants or companies seeking subsidies. For further information, please contact Mary at 1-866-243-2472, ext. 222 or, or contact Colleen, ext. 221 or

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