The Benefits of Using a Newswire

When it comes to research and innovation, no one stands above biotechnology and life science organizations. These organizations are responsible for creating and transforming the ideas and products that shape our modern lives. A scientific development, however, is only as important as its public perception. Central to any breakthrough is the need to communicate its significance to audiences in a way that excites, informs, and engages.

For small to mid-sized companies with less visibility, promoting advances can be critical for establishing a record of trust. Newswires are a valuable tool in distributing announcements about advances, approvals and key findings.

Amplifying reach and distribution of announcements through the use of a newswire can have a resounding impact on brand confidence, investment opportunities and awareness of the benefits associated with the product or products being brought to market.

While the role of newswires is to ensure your news content is disseminated broadly and made ubiquitous, a specific benefit for biotechnology and life sciences companies is that newswires also  provide best-in-class targeting of influencers. In particular, newswires are able to target specific  groups through exclusive distribution channels focused on relevant segments of the biotech and life science industries. News can also be disseminated through channels focused on regional geography, additional industries, or other tailored audiences that stand to benefit from your information. It’s news dissemination with purpose!

We find ourselves in times of change, with the digital revolution continually shaping and redefining how news is consumed. Getting information published on a platform that reaches audiences is only half the battle. Finding the right distribution network and having tools at your disposal that ensure content is consumed as intended, thus eliciting positive responses, is more important than during any prior era. Additionally, newswires provide clients with access to engagement analysis, translation services, and multimedia options to communicate more visually.

While companies of any size want to see meaningful ROI, biotech and life sciences firms must have confidence that their messages are getting out cost-effectively in a manner that maximizes both viewership and engagement, and places their content front and centre among the stakeholders they’re targeting. Using a newswire to shape the narrative of that news is an investment that can be measured and built upon, and one that allows organizations a valuable method of reaching audiences critical to their continued success and development.

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