Saved Searches: Step by Step Instructions

Find the job that’s right for you.

The PetriDish™ has a new saved search feature.

With the new Saved search feature, you can now customize your job search. Get started today in four simple steps!

Step 1:

After logging in to your BioTalent Canada account, click on the "Saved searches" tab. You can also access this link anytime when logged in by clicking on "My Dashboard".


Step 2:

Once you are on the "Saved search" tab, you will see a link "Create saved search". Click on the link to begin entering the job search criteria you would like to use to narrow down your search.


Step 3: 

You are now ready to enter the search criteria that is important to you. Since you can have multiple saved searches, start by giving your search a name. Once you have named your saved search, you can add search criteria like keywords, job titles, province and more to help filter available positions. Click on the "Save search" button when you have entered all the desired search criteria.

You can now see jobs that meet the search criteria you have set by clicking on the name of the saved search you created. By clicking on the "disable" link you can de-activate your saved search until a later time. By clicking on "delete" you will remove your list completely.

Step 4:

With The PetriDish's new Saved search feature, an email will now be sent once a day to notify you of any unseen positions. BioTalent Canada messages and notifications are now all stored for your convenience in "My Dashboard" under the new "Messages" tab.


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