The benefits of partnership with BioTalent Canada include access to the following discounts for you and your members.

Recruitment – The PetriDishTM

Free job postings on The PetriDishTM job board are available to members of the following biotech associations:

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BIOQuebec logo   Life Sciences Ontario logo                             PEI BioAlliance logo

Contact Soufiane at [email protected] for more information on accessing your free job postings.

A 25% discount on The PetriDishTM job board is available to members of the following biotech associations:

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How to get it: Find your coupon code at the checkout page of The PetriDish

National Compensation Guide

Members of the following associations could qualify for a free copy of the National Compensation Guide*.
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How to get it: Contact your biotech association directly or click on the links above to request yours.

A 25% discount on BioTalent Canada’s National Compensation Guide* is available to members of the following biotech associations:

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How to get it: Contact your biotech association for your coupon code and enter it at the checkout page of the National Compensation Guide.

* Available digital only


Distribution of discounted press releases with Business Wire.

To take advantage of the offer, contact Business Wire today!


Use your Perkopolis membership to enjoy great savings on entertainment, travel, attractions, shopping,
health, wellness, sport and more!

Contact Soufiane, Client Support Representative at BioTalent Canada, at [email protected] to

IT security

Click Armor is an innovative gamified learning platform that arms employees with the skills they need to thwart dangerous cyber attacks like phishing and social engineering. While traditional awareness training solutions use boring, static content, Click Armor provides visual, dynamic and interactive challenges for engaging employees to retain important knowledge.

To take advantage of partner discounts, contact Click Armor today!

Health and Wellness



BioTalent Canada’s Partners receive 25% off an annual membership with Goodlife Fitness.

How to get it: Visit BioTalent Canada’s Corporate Discount Program page for registration instructions.

For more information: Contact Soufiane at [email protected].



Le Germain                          Alt Hotels           Alt plus hotels


Germain Hôtels is proud to partner with BioTalent Canada to offer preferred rates to all their partners and members, for every Le Germain, Alt and Alt+ property. Enjoy a 5% discount at all Alt Hotels and a 10% discount at all Germain Hotels, valid every day!

Corporate Code included in BioTalent Canada Exclusive Offer sheet


Plaza Premium Lounge is the world’s largest award-winning independent lounge, in over 160 locations of 44 international airports across the world. BioTalent Canada’s partner receives a 20% discount to make your travel experience better.


BioTalent Canada’s partners receive rewards and discounts on valet and parking services. See discount sheet here, and parking locations per city here.