Competencies for the Bio-economy

National Occupational Standards now available

BioTalent Canada has launched its first 53 National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Canada’s bio-economy, along with 23 summary profiles. These standards were validated by industry stakeholders and will replace BioTalent Canada’s Skills Profiles and Skills At-A-Glances. The NOS profiles indicate what skills, education, and credentialing are required to perform a specific role. Companies will use these standards for more effective recruitment, professional development, succession planning, and compensation benchmarking.

How to Use Bio-economy National Occupational Standards (NOS) to support your growth

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Whether you’re looking to grow your business or launch your career, BioTalent Canada’s NOS profiles can help.

Each profile was designed in close consultation with industry leaders – who then validated the core competencies and associated tasks for each occupation.

Each NOS includes:

  • An overview of critical roles
  • An occupational overview
  • Educational, training, and credentialing requirements
  • Core industry, technical, regulatory, professional, and work process competencies

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Meeting talent needs

The NOS align well with the talent recommendations outlined in BioTalent Canada’s National Labour Market Information report, released in late 2021. Used effectively, the NOS will play a vital role in Canada’s bio-economy meeting talent needs by the end of the decade.

Final NOS documents

Clinical Trials


Legal, Regulatory, and Government Affairs


Project Management

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Research and Development in Agri-bio, Bio-energy, and Bio-industrial

Research and Development in Bio-Health

General Administration/Operations

Gathering the data

The development of the National Occupational Standards started with a review of existing information for the role. This review process included: referencing books, job postings, websites, articles, and BioTalent Canada’s existing skills profiles to create the first draft.  After several iterations via written feedback, focus groups and a national survey with subject matter experts, the National Standards were developed.


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