Building Resiliency and Sustainability for the Bio-economy to Withstand Disruption

Examing the resiliency of Canada’s bio-economy to plan the industry’s future

Because of the pandemic, Canadians are realizing the crucial work being done in the bio-economy more than ever. The critical industry is relied upon for vaccines, lifesaving medical research and diagnostic devices, personal protective equipment, and food security. The demand for a deep pipeline of highly skilled workers has never been greater.

BioTalent Canada will work with their network to gather, assess and disseminate effective models to accelerate their adoption enabling organizations to leverage lessons learned and shock-proof against future disturbances. This will involve the research and evaluation of innovative practices and technologies implemented by agile, resilient, and diverse Canadian bio-economy employers to excel in highly disruptive economic situations.

The study is being launched to help Canada’s bio-economy:

  1. Prepare for and withstand future disruptions and disturbances;
  2. Access proven processes, policies, and skills development techniques critical to evolve, grow and raise venture capital during crises; and
  3. Analyze evidence-based data outlining innovative ways companies can become immune to disruption.

It all starts with the data upon which this industry is built and drives its innovation.


This in-depth study will involve a variety of research methods and stages including:

  • Environmental scan and identification of bio-economy companies displaying resilience
  • Gathering of LMI via surveying and interviewing bio-economy companies


If you are interested in participating in this study please contact Adriana Saenz at [email protected].


Building Resiliency and Sustainability for the Bio-economy to Withstand Disruption is funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre  Future Skills Centre logo