Biotechnology Learning Continuum

Integrate biotechnology into Grade 7 to 12 curriculum.

Identify opportunities for teachers, resource developers and curriculum developers to develop units, lesson plans and learning resources about biotechnology.


  • Integrate biotechnology into existing curriculum
  • Develop learning plans
  • Transform big ideas into learning opportunities
  • Gain professional development


  • Proven framework for educators and curriculum developers
  • Cross-disciplinary
  • Careers and competency information
  • Glossary of common biotechnology terms

Product Description

This document outlines a framework to assist educators and curriculum and resource developers in providing Canadian students with opportunities to develop awareness and understanding of biotechnology. Biotechnology is a business sector and scientific discipline which deals with the use of living organisms or their products in industrial processes. It is a group of related technologies that is used by many industries. Typically, learning about biotechnology is usually found in specialized courses at the senior level in science or in technology education; however, understanding biotechnology is not the sole domain of any subject discipline or the senior grades. Biotechnology is interdisciplinary and the structure and organization of the Biotechnology Learning Continuum, Grades 7 to 12 is not specific to one or two subject areas.

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