BioTalent Canada’s initiatives highlighted in the 2016 edition of Scientific American Worldview

The publication, Scientific American Worldview, produced by Scientific American magazine in cooperation with Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), publishes an annual International ScoreCard, where an international panel of experts evaluate the innovation potential in biotechnology sectors around the world.

Ranking Canada number 10 among 54 other countries, Worldview’s experts agreed that Canada needs to continue growing its biotech workforce and acknowledged two BioTalent Canada initiatives as advancements Canada is making in this area: The Opportunities Fund wage subsidy program for persons with disabilities and Career Focus, BioTalent Canada’s wage subsidy program for new graduates.

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BioTalent Canada is pleased with the coverage and recognition of a prestigious magazine with international scope like Scientific American. It is particularly pleasing that they have chosen projects that BioTalent Canada has managed for Canada’s Federal Government to showcase positive impact on the Canadian bio-economy and that the international science community is noticing.

BioTalent Canada continues to welcome collaboration with government and biotech industry stakeholders to continue to grow Canada’s biotech workforce and foster innovation.

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BioTalent Canada is thankful to its Silver partner and global leader in press release distribution, Business Wire, for obviously expanding BioTalent Canada’s reach and influence in order to attract the attention of publications like Scientific American Worldview.