We asked, you answered: Finding a rewarding career as a newcomer.

January 2015, marks the start of the Express Entry, a program designed to encourage growth in Canadian sectors that are lacking in available skills and talent. Express Entry is fueling the discussion on newcomers and diversity. So, we asked you “What’s the biggest challenge to starting a career as a newcomer to Canada?”

Here’s what you had to say.

“There is either little or no familiarity with the resources available to newcomers.”

Many of us take for granted the number of resources available to us and the relationships that we have developed to support us along our way.

But, by building awareness of existing programs and support mechanisms found throughout the country, we can help newcomers realize the opportunities available to them.

Many organizations such as Hire Immigrants Ottawa, The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, and BioTalent Canada have resources to help with understanding and encouraging diversity in the workplace. More than helping newcomers build on existing skills and confidence in finding a career in Canada, these programs also help employers better manage and assess a diverse workforce.

“Newcomers often lack the social networks that help move careers forward.”

“Newcomers often lack personal networks to find jobs outside standard channels such as job boards,” says Michael Bach, CEO of The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion. Through promoting and encouraging employers and local settlement associations to host networking events, newcomers can build the relationships necessary to find a rewarding career in Canada.

It is also important to continue encouraging newcomers to find volunteer opportunities. Not only will this help them adjust to their new experiences in Canada but it will also help benefit the community.

“Promoting a culture of inclusion.”

Canada has always been a nation that prides itself on being open and diverse. We are a nation that celebrates the multitude of cultures that call this land home and are an important part of Canada’s growth and innovation.

We can’t forget though, it is important to match our celebration of diversity with promoting an inclusive culture that will help us achieve the benefits of a diverse workforce; because, “diversity is skin deep; inclusion is soul deep. (Parag Tandon)”

A special thank you to our friends: The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (@CCDITweets), Hire Immigrants Ottawa (@HireImmOttawa), Marco Campana (@marcopolis), Nick Noorani (@nicknoorani), Parag Tandon (@ParagTandon), and Sukhjit Singh (@sukhforchange) for helping us build this story and with starting the discussion. We look forward to hearing more from you in the future!