Providence Therapeutics: September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Providence Therapeutics (“Providence”) was founded as Cancer research company and we would like to recognize that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, a time to educate and bring awareness to pediatric cancer.  

Childhood cancer is different from cancers that develop later in life and 1 in 285 children will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 20. It is important that research and improvements in diagnosis and treatment continue as it is estimated that 13.7 million cases of childhood cancer will occur between 2020-2050, with the majority of those cases occurring in developing countries. Currently, the global 5-year net childhood cancer survival rate is estimated to be 37.4%.  Not only is September an important time to raise awareness to pediatric cancer but it is pivotal moment in the foundations of Providence Therapeutics and the story of Adam Sorenson, a childhood cancer survivor and one of Brad Sorenson, our CEO’s, children.  

Adam was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma which prompted Brad to found Providence, in the hopes that he could provide hope to families who found themselves in a similar situation.  As a result, Providence was formed with a focus on personalized cancer therapies.    

On September 3, 2022, Adam invited all Providence employees to hike Nihahi Ridge in Kananaskis, Alberta (you can find a picture below from the event!):  

“I would like to invite you all on a fun hike up a mountain called Nihahi Ridge. This mountain means a lot to me because it is the same one I was atop 9 years ago on September 2, 2013. This was the day before I heard the news that I had brain cancer. After many miracles and endless help from people like you, my family, friends, and doctors, I am still here today and climbing mountains. I also want to give a shout-out to my Dad and Mom (Brad and Rebecca Sorenson) for all the sacrifices they made through this journey, they are my greatest miracle.”  

As a company Providence Therapeutics started out as an oncology company and shifted our focus due the COVID-19 pandemic.  We made the difficult decision to pivot and focus on leveraging our mRNA platform and develop a COVID-19 vaccine.  We have successfully completed our phase 2 trial and will be proceeding to a Phase 3 trial in late 2022.   

Thanks to the success of our COVID-19 vaccine trials our mRNA platform has demonstrated that is safe and effective against COVID-19.  The success of our platform was acknowledged In March of 2021 when Providence was honored to receive the 2021 Company of the Year Award from BioAlberta.  

As a result of this success, Providence is very excited to be able to return our focus to Oncology and to leverage the power of our platform in the fight against cancer in the hope that there are more success stories like Adam. For more information about Providence Therapeutics check out our website at  

Providence Team on the hike of Nihahi Ridge

       Article provided by Providence Therapeutics