University of Toronto Mississauga: Master of Management of Innovation (MMI) Program

The Master of Management of Innovation program attracts students with science, engineering and technology backgrounds. The program prepares students with the knowledge, skills and strategic perspectives required to become the leaders of tomorrow. Our curriculum provides a strong foundation in economic analysis, technology management, business strategy, finance, accounting, marketing and policy. The required academic core courses focus on management and economics; students also select electives tailored to their interests and goals from a variety of areas including project management, business design, sustainability ethics and more. 

Experiential learning is an integral part of the MMI program.  Each student must complete a mandatory 4 month summer internship in order to be eligible for graduation. The internship allows students to gain valuable, real-world work experience and an opportunity to demonstrate the key competencies the MMI program has taught them.

The main objectives of the internship are to: 

  1. Apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to address innovation challenges and opportunities at the host organization.
  2. Acquire new knowledge and skills from supervisors and other team members at the host organization.
  3. Transfer knowledge and skills to the workplace. 
  4. Learn about opportunities and challenges in technology management at the host organization and 
  5. Share the knowledge gained from work experience with all members of the class, faculty and staff of the MMI program.

For more information on the MMI program, our internships and students, please reach out to Afrodite Cruz, Recruitment, Placement and Employer Relations Manager at [email protected]  

Article provided by the Institute for Management and Innovation, University of Toronto Mississauga