Healthcare Connections Success Story – Hesham Abdelhady

Hesham Abdelhady, a Healthcare Connections Alumni, secured a Clinical Research Coordinator position at Cliantha Research shortly after completing the program. While working at Cliantha, he continued to follow his Career Action Plan that he built with Healthcare Connections and obtained his SoCRA CCRP certification. In May 2020, he secured a new full-time permanent position as a Clinical Research Coordinator in the Critical Care Medicine department at Toronto General Hospital. His new role focuses on COVID-19 research and he works closely with physicians to discuss their treatment plans. In this position, he conferences with different research hospitals in Canada including St. Michael’s Hospital and SickKids Hospital to share the effects of different treatment plans. He also works with other research centres across the world to share findings on their research studies. This new position is one big step towards his long-term career goal. We are very proud of his advancement and the sacrifices he is making to contribute to the fight against COVID-19.

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        Article provided by ACCES Employment