Bioscience Association Manitoba: Virtual Leadership Development Program October Intake is Now Open for Registration


Bioscience Association Manitoba (BAM) is a not for profit, membership driven-industry association representing and supporting over 110 companies across the province, ranging from agriculture biotechnology to health biotechnology to clean biotechnology.


BAM is committed to fostering innovative partnerships and collaborations, workforce development, enhancing research and development, and achieving commercial success in the bioscience sector while advocating for policies that support the industry’s growth. These collaborations start locally and often expand globally.


Becoming a member of BAM offers many benefits to individuals and organizations in the bioscience industry. Here are a few reasons to join:

Networking: Our events and programs provide opportunities to connect with other bioscience professionals, industry stakeholders, and government officials to build relationships that can help your business thrive and grow.

Workforce Development: We offer workshops, training programs, and on-demand subject matter expert training to help you stay up to date on the latest trends and technologies in the bioscience industry.

Business Support: As a BAM member, you have access to assistance and resources that can support your research, development, and business growth.

Marketing and Communications: BAM works to advocate for the needs and interests of the bioscience industry in Manitoba, and our members have a voice in shaping our advocacy efforts. We offer opportunities for members to collaborate with other members and the wider bioscience community in Manitoba.

Joining Bioscience Association Manitoba can be a valuable investment for your business. Our programs, resources, and advocacy efforts are designed to support the bioscience industry’s growth and success in Manitoba.

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For membership inquiries, please contact Judi Bahl, Director, Business Development at [email protected]



Virtual Leadership Development Program October Intake is Now Open for Registration

Back by Popular Demand!

We’re excited to announce that registration is now open for our Virtual Leadership Development Program. Designed for aspiring leaders and those transitioning to leadership role, this program covers 17 different topics to empower and inspire. Register for the October intake!

Discounts are available for group registrations, please contact Kate Swallow Yee at [email protected]

Eligible employers in Manitoba may qualify for the for the Canada Manitoba Job Grant (CMJG). The second take of CMJG will open in August 2023. Learn more:

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