Polytechnique Montréal: Biomedical engineering students at your service

Are you looking to hire a new generation of professionals who are committed to medical progress?  The students enrolled in Biomedical Engineering at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels at Polytechnique Montréal are capable of advancing your projects related to the study and design of equipment and prostheses, the optical configuration of medical imaging systems and much more.  

The 4-year Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering program offers students the opportunity to put theory into practice through internships.  Your company has the opportunity to add to its ranks freshly trained interns who have proven themselves in developing health-related mobile applications, sensor design, prosthesis design, bioassays, etc.    

To find out more about the internship mandates that our students can carry out, please contact Ms. Darnly Dubois, coordinator of the Internship and Employment Service at Polytechnique Montréal: [email protected].

You are invited to contact me or to post your internship offers directly on our platform La Ruche.

Passionate about science and technology, students enrolled in the Bachelor’s program carry out surgical robot or physiological sensor projects that allow them to demonstrate their technical know-how in algorithm programming, guided surgery modeling, microstructure characterization, remote sensing system design, physiological sensor design and calibration, and much more.    

At the beginning of their 4th year of study, students complete a large-scale integrative biomedical engineering project.  This practical course focuses on an engineering mandate from industry or hospitals.  Does your company want to advance a project or design a product, process, prototype, system or service specific to the biomedical field?  Do not hesitate to call upon our students who will take charge of your mandate while being supervised by a professor.  

The Professional Master’s program in Biomedical Engineering offers different areas of specialization such as biomechanics, biophotonics and biomedical nanotechnology, musculoskeletal, and biomedical instrumentation and imaging.  Students enrolled in the Professional Master’s program are also available to complete an internship during their course.   

If your company is developing emerging technologies, specializing in human-computer interaction or in clinical engineering, do not hesitate to recruit interns and graduates from Polytechnique Montréal.  

For more information on our students, please contact Ms. Darnly Dubois, coordinator of the Internship and Employment Service at Polytechnique Montréal: [email protected]  

 Article provided by Polytechnique Montréal