Technical Skills Fundamentals

Get the BioReady™ Edge today with technical skills training specifically designed for the Canadian bio-economy

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Solid applied technical skills on your team can help reduce risks on the path to commercialization and help achieve success.

Onboarding programs can be enhanced to train staff on key technical skills such as:

  • Scientific Report Writing Fundamentals
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Fundamentals
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Fundamentals
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) Fundamentals
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Fundamentals

Having this introductory knowledge of the key technical skills and knowing how to start applying them can help talent stand out from the crowd when entering the workforce.

BioTalent Canada’s Technical Skills Fundamentals online series

  • Includes five 1-hour courses
  • Gives learners the opportunity to understand their progress through a pre-and post-assessment for the Scientific Report Writing Fundamentals, GLP, GMP, QA/QC, and GCP courses.
  • Receive a BioReady™ certificate
  • Canadian built
  • Available in English and French


Scientific Report Writing Fundamentals

This prerequisite course for the GLP, GMP, QA/QC, and GCP courses introduces the various types of report writing required in bio-economy workplaces across Canada. It reviews:

  • the importance of written science communication skills,
  • best practices and principles for writing reports, and
  • the specific reports encountered in GLP, GMP, QA/QC, and GCP.

GLP Fundamentals

Defines and puts into practice GLP while demonstrating:

  • how to incorporate it into all laboratory procedures,
  • how to complete a lab book,
  • different ways to properly use equipment and materials, and
  • the importance of following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

GMP Fundamentals

Defines and puts into practice GMP while demonstrating how to:

  • incorporate it throughout the manufacturing process by following SOPs,
  • meet quality control requirements,
  • run an investigation, and
  • promote workplace health and safety.

QA/QC Fundamentals

Defines and puts into practice QA /QC while demonstrating:

  • how they relate, how they differ, and how they each apply;
  • the importance of following SOPs; and
  • key areas of health and safety and how to promote workplace health and safety.

GCP Fundamentals

Defines and puts into practice GCP while demonstrating:

  • how to incorporate GCP into trials involving human subjects,
  • how to protect the rights and safety of clinical trial subjects,
  • how to ensure quality, integrity, and reliability of data gathered from trials, and
  • how to follow GCP guidelines

Please contact Joanne Jordan to learn more about how to access these courses.

Please note, that if you access BioTalent Canada’s training programs through your post-secondary institution or employer, your post-secondary institution or employer may have access to your progress, results, and course-specific information, for the purpose of tracking participation, course completions, and feedback surveys.

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