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Research Scientist

Research Scientist
Full Time
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OmniActive Health Technologies (Canada) Limited

Prince Edward Island
Date Posted
07/09/2013 - 02:00
Closing Date
16/09/2013 - 21:00
Job Description

The candidate will conduct research in support of the identification of naturally occurring bioactive substances, characterization of their activities and determination of their mode of action. The primary area of activity will be to evaluate extracts from agricultural crops for biological activity aimed at metabolic, cardiovascular and neurological disorders.

Education & Qualifications: 

This position requires a Master’s degree in Biochemistry, Cell Biology, or equivalent discipline.


• Practical experience in biochemical and/or cell-based assay methods.
• Experience in natural health product research, including nutraceutical development would be an asset.
• Experience in operating standard equipment used in biochemistry labs, such as centrifuges, electrophoresis equipment, microplate readers and thermocyclers.

• Experience in mammalian cell culture would be an asset.

• Experience in feeding studies using rodent models would be an asset
• Experience with the isolation and characterization of natural products would be an asset.

• Practical experience in molecular biology including the purification of nucleic acids and the analysis of DNA by methods such as agarose electrophoresis and the polymerase chain reaction would be an asset.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

The responsibilities of the incumbent will include enzyme-based assays to evaluated plant extracts for bioactivity, culture of mammalian cell lines and cell biological assays, and biochemical and molecular biological assays (e.g. immunoblotting), as well as general lab duties including preparation of materials and solutions for laboratory procedures, analyzing and reporting data and working within a project team.

Skills & Competencies: 

General technical competencies should include knowledge of standard biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology methods and concepts that underlie them; Incumbent should have knowledge of good laboratory practices, laboratory safety and scientific record keeping.

Other Information: 

To apply please send resume (or c.v.) and a covering letter to using heading “OmniActive research position” in subject line.