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Industrial Postdoctoral Fellow

Industrial Postdoctoral Fellow
Full Time

Delivra Inc.

Prince Edward Island
Date Posted
15/07/2013 - 16:30
Closing Date
01/09/2013 - 16:30
Job Description

Company Overview:
Delivra Inc. is a Canadian biotechnology company with an innovative technology for the transdermal delivery of bioactive compounds. The DelivraTM base is currently used in several consumer product lines including LivReliefTM and LivSportTM. Delivra Inc. has recently opened a research and development laboratory in Charlottetown, PEI where the company will expand its knowledge of the current technology and further develop and optimize the Delivra formulation to create new and innovative transdermal products to meet the demands of existing and emerging markets.

Position Overview:
The candidate will be responsible for maintaining general laboratory upkeep including record keeping and the preparation of general solutions and maintenance of equipment associated with the individual’s project(s). The candidate will be responsible for the timely completion of projects, providing summarized and detailed technical reports for each project and communicating findings to supervisors. Delivra Inc. has initiated several partnerships with various academic and federal (NRC) institutions, therefore the candidate must demonstrate the capacity to work in a broad collaborative environment.
As a post-doctoral fellow, the candidate is expected to complete projects with minimal direct supervision and demonstrate the ability to meet and overcome challenges during the course of experimental investigation. Technical expertise with plate-based in vitro assays including enzyme, permeation or another form of medium-throughput bioanalysis is required. Specific experience in synthetic (PAMPA or variants), cell culture (EpidermTM) or whole-tissue (Franz) permeation assay is a strong asset. In addition, knowledge of analytical chemistry, including the quantitative analysis of known and novel chemical entities using various methods is an asset.

Education & Qualifications: 

A Ph.D. in biochemistry or a related field is required.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Job Functions:
• Maintenance of common equipment and preparation of common reagents associated with assigned Projects.
• Execution and/or development of medium throughput permeability assays or other in vitro assays.
• Maintenance and growth of in vitro cell culture systems for various permeability, cytotoxicity, cytoprotective assays.
• Development and/or execution of quantitative methods involving HPLC, GC, mass spectrometry, IR/UV/fluorescence spectroscopy and NMR.

Skills & Competencies: 

Technical Requirements:
• The candidate must have a minimum of Ph.D. in biochemistry or a related field.
• Experience with in vitro assays and knowledge of permeability assays is required.
• Experience in HPLC, mass spectrometry and other molecular quantitative methods are strong assets.
• Experience in organic chemistry is considered an asset.
• Experience in formulation chemistry is considered and asset.
• Knowledge of basic computer skills including Microsoft Word and Excel is required as well as software platforms associated with specific quantitative equipment is an asset.

Behavioral Competencies:
• The candidate must demonstrate the ability to function with minimal direct supervision and collaborate with other researchers in determining the correct pathways to further product development.
• The candidate must be capable of reporting and communicating results to scientific and non-scientific staff in clear terms.
• The candidate should demonstrate a high level of creative thinking and self-development as it pertains to the research projects undertaken.
• The candidate must function as a team member, fulfilling a crucial role within a multi-disciplinary scientific endeavor.

Other Information: 

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