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  • Biotech, the People Behind the Science

    - Meet Dr. Inès Holzbaur. Investing in early-stage innovation to achieve commercialization. Venture Capital investments in promising projects at academic labs in Quebec,...

  • Biotech, the People Behind the Science

    - Meet Najla Guthrie. Providing scientific evidence for the use of nutraceuticals for disease prevention. Clinical trials have become an essential part of bringing safe and...

  • Biotech, the People Behind the Science

    - Meet Norma Biln. Leading with transformational diagnostic tests for rheumatoid arthritis. The blending of bio- and information technology will make it possible for us to...

  • Biotech, the People Behind the Science

    - Meet Heather Delage. Partnering across biotech to bring life-changing therapy to patients. Through collaboration with world-class partners, our company is supporting the...

  • HR Microscope February 2015

    -                                                                                                   Volume III, Issue II, February 2015 In Focus As the competition...

  • YWIB Event - Planting the Seeds of Science


  • HR Responsibilities During Change

    - Employee retention and engagement is critical for companies in the biotechnology sector undergoing change. The key challenges for employers include: how to engage the...

  • Occupational Health and Safety - keeping you safe at work

    - (contributed article from St. John Ambulance)  With more than 15 million Canadians spending...

  • How to Motivate a High Performing Employee

    - by R. J. Sullivan  Previously published in Drake Business Review Online with the permission of R.J.Sullivan, the VP of Creative Content for TrainingABC, a producer of...

  • Biotech, the People Behind the Science

    - Meet Dr. Kirumira. Saving lives through affordable rapid diagnostics. Many cash-strapped clinics in developing countries cannot afford traditional automated...

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